Friday, September 18, 2009

Stepping off the edge

Right now I feel like Julie Powell, from the movie Julie & Julia (GREAT movie by the way) when she worriedly says to her husband, Eric, "What will I write about and will anyone read my blog?"

It is said, "Life is a journey, not a destination." Actually, it's a series of journeys throughout one's life. Every time we embark on something new, aka stepping out of our "comfort zone", it can be a journey of self-discovery or an expansion of our horizons; hopefully both.

Writers expose themselves, so to speak, every time their words wend their way into the public arena. I like how Natalie Goldberg, of Writing Down the Bones, phrases it, "open a vein and write."

The moment I click "Publish Post" I begin my journey as a blogger and I am clueless as to what I will write about. Normally, this would terrify me (like anyone about to try something new) but the thought of where my blog might lead me and who I might meet along the way intrigues and excites me.

So welcome to An Inch of Time and I would like to dedicate this post to Christina of Soul Aperture for the final push.

Namaste -- the divine in me salutes the divine in you.


azirca said...

Welcome to the blogging community, I'm sure that your journey will be a rewarding one.
All the very best to you on your new and exciting venture.

Christina said...

oh sweetheart, your presence here, makes me take a deep sigh, for beauty.