Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chasing the light

Earlier this week dark clouds hovered low over our back yard while the sun began its slow sink into the west. As I fired up the grill for dinner, I saw this amazing light infusing the maples in our yard and woods beyond in a fiery glow.

I'm always fascinated by this combination of dark clouds and low level sunlight because the setting sun bounces off the dark clouds and emits a light that is almost eerie yet very beautiful. Not wanting to miss this “golden” opportunity, I quickly grabbed my camera and managed to capture some of this amazing light before the dark clouds swallowed the setting sun.

A Nor’easter is heading our way this evening with high winds that will whistle, howl and swirl around the house rattling windows like something out of a scary Halloween movie. I love Nor’easters . . . especially when I’m safely and comfortably tucked away in my favorite chair reading a good book.




kath said...

I love a low sky .... the colours in this shot are beautiful. I love the long shadows from the trees.

Christina said...

love, love this shot!