Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day

A winter storm is heading our way packing eight to 12 inches of snow. I love snow! I usually bake during snowstorms and today will be no different.

On A Winter's Night, A Seasonal Collection from Imaginary Road plays in the kitchen as I pull together the ingredients for Lemon Bread. One loaf will go to neighbors who helped with my husband's Christmas present. The other loaf we'll scarf down through the rest of the day. I doubt it will last til tomorrow.

The snow began just after 7:30 this morning and the worst of the storm will not start until three this afternoon and continue until nine tonight. Did I mention I love snow?

Realizing many plans for today and maybe the entire weekend will be altered, days like today are Mother Nature's way of saying we need to slow down and chill out. It's a way for us to re-connect with our inner child. Go out and play in the snow, make a snowman, throw snowballs at one another, find a great sledding hill, dust off your sled and jump on like you did as a kid. That is if you still can, I can't.

Don't like to get wet or be cold? Burrow in and enjoy each other's company, start that great book you've been dying to read, bake something yummy, take a nap, sit by a window with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snow fall or wrap presents like I'll be doing later on today.

Before the snow started my husband went out and reloaded the three bird feeders on a nearby maple and the feeding frenzy will escalate as the day gets worse. I swear they inhale the seed! I love looking out my kitchen window and watching them jockey for a coveted position on the feeders.

Enjoy the day whatever you decide to do. Enjoy the downtime, Lord knows we all need it. Be lazy for tomorrow we'll be digging ourselves out and our busy, hectic and often stressed out lives will begin again.

If the lemon bread turns out well, I'll include a photo and the recipe in my next post.


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Allegria said...

Oooh! I love watching the birds, too! We just started feeding them this year, and it's so fun to see them crowd around the feeders. They're getting so that when I go out there in the morning to replace the seed, they'll fly right over my head and the brave ones, like the nuthatches and chickadees, perch right on the shepherd's hook waiting for me. I can almost touch them! I'm sure that if I spent enough time out there quietly that they would come to my hand--but frankly, right now it's too darn cold!