Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's a Nor'easter!!!

A snowy glimpse of the backyard.

You would think I was announcing the birth of a child . . . it's a boy! It's a girl! I love Nor'easters! It doesn't matter what time of year they occur I love them all. If it's spring, summer or fall when it rains, I know there will be a new shipload of shells up and down the beach. Nothing makes an inveterate shell collector happier.

Nor'easters always inspire me to drag out my KitchenAid mixer and bake . . . usually cookies. Today, it's three batches -- two chocolate chip, one oatmeal. Two batches  for friends who fixed my computer last week and the third batch for us. 

There's nothing like a cup of hot cocoa and a warm plate of cookies to keep you company while watching the snow fall.

If chocolate chip cookies aren't your favorites, how about oatmeal cookies?

Wish I could send these cookies your way. Enjoy the day wherever you are and whatever you're doing whether you're alone or with family and friends. 


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