Monday, February 1, 2010

Sea of Solitude

Sea of Solitude

A saffron sun blazes in an ice-blue sky
on this cold February day.
The beach is deserted save for a few hungry seagulls
wheeling, squealing above my head.
A recent Nor'easter left behind a
slithering swath of shells up and down the beach.
But I'm on a mission today,
my passion for shells will have to wait another day.
Wading through the sand,
casting about for a Zen-like spot
to spread an old Army blanket neatly tucked in my backpack,
a whiff of sea air distracts me.
An errant breeze catches me off guard
whipping my hair into a frenzy
and brushing my cheeks before rushing off.
My distraction deepens as I pause to watch foam-edged waves
swish across a wet sandy beach.
Reining my wandering thoughts back to the present,
I spread the wool blanket on the sand.
A playful breeze teases one moth-eaten corner 
as I sit cross-legged; my weight shifts and settles like the sand.
My hands rest palm-ward on my thighs with
thumbs and forefingers touching ever so slightly.
Gently closing my eyes, denying sight
to concentrate on scents and sounds swirling about,
my breath moves in time with the waves
as a Sea of Solitude washes over me.


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Relyn said...

Oh, goodie! Do join in. It'll be fun!