Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cravings . . . in random order

long walks on an empty beach
a good book
better yet, a tall stack of books to read
beachcombing at Sandy Hook
peace and quiet
Longwood Gardens
a Starbucks Grande Carmel Frappuccino
having dinner with my husband
a dozen long-stemmed rosy peach hybrid tea roses
a card from a dear friend
having tea in a secret garden
going to the movies
watching the sun rise
a Craving's hamburger
spending all day with my camera
laughing out loud
reading and writing
spending time with my wonderful, beautiful daughter
an assortment of Raymer's truffles
watching a sunset or an approaching summer storm
listening to thunder roll in and out
watching lightning spike a summer sky
feelings the wind in my face
a good joke
Baba Ghanoush from Wegman's
Mexican or Chinese food
Blue Sage, the Sergeantsville Inn
listening to the birds early in the morning
watching them bicker over the feeders
flowers, flowers, flowers and more flowers
Prince Edward Island, East Greenville, ME and the Canadian Rockies
listening to Keiko Matsui, Escala or Chris Botti
and the list goes on and on and on . . . .

What are your Cravings, random or otherwise?



SE'LAH... said...

you're such a tease!

love this list.


Jaime said...

Many of these are my favourite things as well. But the fact that solitude tops your list tells me we are definitely two peas from the same pod.
Lovely list.

And it has been lovely visiting you today.
Have a wonderful weekend!