Monday, May 17, 2010

Dreams & Visions

While paging through Ashtanga Yoga: Exercises and Inspirations for Well-being by Anton Simmha, I stumbled across the following from a Sanskrit poem called, "The Salutation of the Dawn" (5th Centry CE) and attributed to Kalidasa:

. . . Our yesterdays are but dreams
Our tomorrows merely visions
But today lived well makes
Every yesterday a dream of joy,
And each tomorrow a vision of promise . . .

Hoping your Monday gets off to a good start.



SE'LAH... said...

thanks for sharing.
each moment, a moment to be treasured.

one love.

Birdie said...

Chris, I found you through the great article you left at Se'lahs ... I love your posts :-) as I'm learning to live in the present moment more and more, to be here and now, I feel it's fruits ... it's so powerful, so real ... :-) nice meeting you!

Jaime said...

The present moment is all we've got. This quote is so simple and so beautiful. I think I will write this one down.
Thank you for sharing. :)