Friday, May 14, 2010

Ice Cream Therapy

Whenever I sink into a mini-bout of depression, I wish I would not EAT! Activities like cleaning frenzies, re-organizing my home office, photo shoots, going shopping, buying shoes or baking something delicious would be much more appropriate and less-threatening to my waistline than eating! Oh wait, baking implies eating.

There is a market on the campus where I work, appropriately called, "The Market" and for the last couple of days I have had a yen for some really good ice cream.

I beeline over to The Market's ice cream counter and peruse the offered flavors taped over their five gallon containers in the freezer case. Flavors vary from day to day, sometimes from week to week. Nothing jumps out at me so I ask the student worker behind the counter, in hopes of jump-starting my selection, "What's your favorite flavor?"

"Vanilla Crunch," she replies. Sadly, her response registers a ho-hum blip on my ice cream flavor Richter scale. I re-read the flavors again hoping one will elicit a response from my lethargic taste buds.

Finally, we have a winner!!! Cappuccino Chip! Odd, this is not a flavor I would consider, but it has my all time favorite pre-requisite of ice cream, CRUNCHIES!! Perfectly sized chocolate slivers provide just the right amount of crunch and balance to the cappuccino flavor.

"A dish of Cappuccino Chip, please," I say.

"Would you like one scoop or two?" asks the student.

Only ONE scoop, my brain screams! ONLY ONE SCOOP!! But before I can say, "one scoop," my resolves takes a one-two punch out of nowhere, collapses and "two scoops" pops out of my mouth.

Its pale coffee with two creams color is studded with dark chocolate slivers. I shove the white plastic spoon into the mountainmous mound inside the Styrofoam cup and quickly slide the spoon into my mouth!


Let me tell you there is NOTHING like homemade ice cream. And once you've had it, there is NO turning back. It is soooooo smooth and creamy! I wish you all could be here to taste and share this with me . . . it is heavenly!

Depression? What depression? Who's depressed?

Ice cream . . . good for what ails you.



SE'LAH... said...

now this post is completely unfair - off to eat something wise ;) who am I kidding?

sprinkles anyone?

Darcel said...

I already wanted ice cream earlier this evening. I had a chocolate milkshake, but that wasn't enough. I must buy ice cream this weekend. Shame on you for making the pregnant lady eat ice cream in her 9th month :)

azirca said...

Oh my... that sounds utterly divine! An ice-cream and coffee fix in one... Mmmm perfection.

Jaime said...

This is way too weird.

I had an intense craving for ice cream today as I wandered, taking pictures. I think it's because it was the first really warm day we have had. It took every ounce of willpower not to stop for some on the way home...but then, the universe rewarded me with those luscious fresh strawberries!

Next time though, I am sure I am gonna cave. ;)