Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art All Night

This morning I was up and out the door a little before 6:30 on my way to see Art All Night, literally a 24-hour arts extravaganza, held in the Roebling Wire Works building in Trenton, NJ, that occurs annually on the third weekend in June.

Only a smart part of The Roebling Wire Works!

From their website,, “AAN encourages any artist of any age, medium or skill level to submit one piece of art of their own creation for display in a gallery-like setting. Last year’s AAN, over 650 artists submitted work and more than 8,000 people attended.

Art installations are creatively and thoughtfully done.

“Art All Night-Trenton is presented by ArtWorks, Trenton’s downtown visual arts center. ArtWorks promotes artistic diversity by fostering creativity, learning, and appreciation of the arts. Our classes, exhibitions, and events make art an accessible experience for all.

Believe it or not this is entitled "Pantyhose & Wire"

"My Giant Robot Bank"

Free-standing Art Wall

It's all bottle caps!

“Art All Night-Trenton has five major goals:

--Empower artists who would normally not have an opportunity to showcase their artwork in public with a venue to do so

--Build community by encouraging people of all different lifestyles, races and incomes to interact

--Foster social networking between creative people who have an interest in improving Trenton

--Showcase Trenton’s great architecture and development-ripe buildings

--Market ArtWorks’ classes, exhibitions, events and volunteer opportunities”

But Art All Night-Trenton is not just about visual art. There’s live music donated by some of the area’s finest performers like In the Company of Wolves, Jazz vs. The Space Tiger, and Patty Cronheim. It’s also about demonstrations like Glass Blowing, Streets as Living Space, and Iron Pour to name just a few.

"Embellished Bodies"

It was amazing to see so much talent in so many different media. It was also nice not to have to fight the crowds that will inevitably find their way to this amazing venue/opportunity, which will end today at 3 p.m.. The event is free, with the possible exception of a suggested $1 donation, and the parking is free and plentiful.

It does my heart good to see such creativity alive and thriving.



SE'LAH... said...

my favourite is the bottlecap robot. Sooooo cool!

I applaud you for being out of bed at that hour, to begin with, and for sharing this lovely event with us.

one love.

Birdie said...

thank you for sharing Chris, you for sure do wander with your camera! hugs

Prairie Girl Studio said...

hi chris!
oh wow ... what a fantastic exhibition this is ...
remarkable variety of creativity ... oozing from every possible bit of space ... what a visual feast!
i love your last sentence - 'it does my heart good to see such creativity alive and thriving' ...
i so agree :)
thanks so much for coming by for a visit and commenting so kindly ...
may your day be lovely in ever way ~

Relyn said...

What a completely cool event idea. I love that you went and then shared with us. It makes me feel inspired. And the bottle caps sculpture? I want, I want!! I dream of having it in my classroom and watching it inspire all kinds of wonders in my students.

Anali said...

Thank you so much with sharing this! What a cool event! Seeing art always makes each day so much sweeter.

Kim Living Life said...

So much to see and so many different talented artists to take in. sounds like lots of fun.