Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An evening walk

The stranglehold of heat and humidity we've been in for almost a week finally broke last night so my husband and I took advantage of the lovely cool evening. We drove over to Lambertville to hike the canal path that runs through the center of town. Below is some of the beauty that marks the trail.

Queen Anne's Lace

Canal side Day Lily

Mimosa Blossoms

Hoping the weather is beautiful wherever you are.



SE'LAH... said...

oh, it's so beautiful, and hot. I love hot.

what gorgeous captures here. my fav is the lily showing off her curves.

hope you are having a great day, my friend.

Relyn said...


Did I ever tell you how much I love Molly's book. (The one you recommended to me.) It seems as though we have similar tastes. What other books do you adore?

I was actually just dropping in to wish you and yours the happiest Independence Day. May your day be full! May you enjoy laughter shared with family, great food shared with friends, fireworks to make you gasp, a lump in your throat at the anthem, and a full and grateful heart at all we have been given. Happy Fourth of July, my friend!

Birdie said...

Chris, these pictures are breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing, a moment of peace I feel like I was on the walk there too ... :-)