Saturday, August 21, 2010

Women's Equality Day

It's 90 years since women gained the right to vote! Doesn’t seem very long does it? It is nonetheless worth celebrating because Women’s Equality Day is August 26. From the simple list written by Sharon Tannenbaum, “check out the online archives of the Sewall Belmont House, which served as a headquarters of the suffragist movement and now hosts the desk where Susan B. Anthony wrote the 19th Amendment. Take a virtual stroll through its artifacts, including banners from picketings of the White House, political cartoons, and more. You can even make a donation in honor of an inspiring woman in your life. No doubt there are plenty.”


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Se'lah said...

love me some Susan B. Anthony ;)

wouldn't you just LOVE to own that a lot of inspiration comes from just sitting at it.