Tuesday, September 21, 2010


On my way down to the woods to check out the status of the milkweed seed pods, I stumbled upon a compact clump of tiny daisies by the edge of the field. I doubt they're true daisies but they looked so perfect there and with the play of light and shadow on their faces they screamed, nicely of course, for me to get down on their level and take their picture.

Then moving off to the back field I found several milkweed pods in different stages of releasing their seeds. 

I wonder how many seeds are packed in these pods? No I'm not about to count them but I imagine someone, somewhere has an approximate number.

Seeds hanging by glistening angel hair like threads anxiously waiting for the slightest breeze to take them hither and yon.

While milkweed isn't necessarily an attractive plant, their seed pods, especially when they're at this stage, are beautiful. How this explosion of silky, bright white threads with the next generation of milkweed attached accomplishes its job never ceases to amaze me.  
Had it not been for my trek to the back field I would've missed the daisies. I love when I'm out with my camera and see something quite by accident. Some of my best photos have occurred because of serendipity. How about you? How many of your photos are serendipitous?


Tracy said...

Hello! Found my way here via my friend Se'Lah at Necessary Room. This post of yours takes me back to childhood and the house I grew up in in Pennsylvania was a across the street from miles & miles of fields--very rural, and along the roadsides was tons of milkweed--so pretty in autumn. I now live abroad, in Norway, and I've never seen the milkweed here... Thanks for this taste of home. :o)

Darcel said...

Those are some of the best moments. Beautiful photos.

Se'lah said...

milkweed is necessary for butterflies (monarchs especially).

beautiful pics of seed pods and daisies.

let's start counting...1, 2, 3... ;)

Birdie said...

Chris, these pictures are so wonderful and I absolutely LOVE the new banner, I just LOVE it so much that I just sat here and I did look at the picture completely diving in and absorbing the orange and the fall, thank you!!! hugs and happy weekend!

Relyn said...

What gorgeous images. You do good work, girlfriend.

Jaime said...

It looks as though it let out a great big sneeze!

They really are beautiful. You have captured them well, in all their glistening exquisiteness.