Monday, October 4, 2010

Late Bloomer

Yesterday, while unloading groceries from my car, I looked down and saw this dandelion getting ready to bloom at the edge of our driveway. I surreptitiously glanced around to see if there were any more about ready to re-infest our lawn. No, only this sole operative.

Several ideas popped into my head. Is it an overachiever, is it dazed and confused and then it hit me. It’s a late bloomer! I can so identify with late bloomers!

I bloomed at 37 when I decided to take tap dancing lessons. Laugh all you want there were women in the class who were not only older than me but who’d been tap dancing for many years.

I wanted to learn how to tap dance ever since I was in elementary school, back then it was called grammar school but that’s another story. While I don’t remember the specifics, our school had a dance instructor who would come once a week and teach us how to dance, which ultimately ended in a dance recital. I was in a few and even remember being in one about Little Bo-Peep complete with a robin’s egg blue and pale pink satiny dress. Horrid thing it was. While there are no photos of me in this dress, thank goodness, my Dad, however, captured my acting debut on his movie camera.

I’m proud to be a late bloomer and am in good company according to a blog post written by Ira Rosofsky, PhD., entitled The Top Ten Late Bloomers of All Time, and published earlier this year on Psychology Today’s website. Here are four from Rosofsky’s post:

Clara Peller, actress, who took up acting at 80 with, “Where’s the Beef?”

Harland David Sanders, better known as Col. Sanders, founded Kentucky Fried Chicken, aka KFC, at 65.

Alexander Fleming, scientist, who discovered the first antibiotic at 47.

Anna Mary Robertson, also known as Grandma Moses, who began painting in her seventies because of arthritis and for the next 30 years painted over 3600 paintings.

My Dad often told me, “if you have the drive and the passion you can become or do just about anything you want.” I’ve also learned from a quote by Mary Engelbreit to, “Bloom where you are planted,” much like the dandelion.



Birdie said...

Chris, what a wonderful post! Omg I love tap dancing, I just so love it. And I never did it. I'm 37 so I'll be even later bloomer myself because I'm willing to learn to tap dance one day ... that is so fantastic that you did learn how to do it!!! What an encouraging post Chris, thank you so much for sharing! big hugs!!

Anali said...

I love the idea of blooming late, because then we always have something to look forward to. Great post! : )

SE'LAH... said...

one of my favourite books is LEO, the late bloomer. It's a children's book but oh so good.

Sharon said...

First -- I love this post! What a great reminder that we aren't done yet, no matter our age. :) So glad you followed your dream and learned to tap dance!

Second -- I feel your pain about the photo problems. I just about pulled my hair out last night trying to load several from my grandson's birthday party.

Jaime said...

How absolutely wonderful that you started tap as an adult!

I remember when I was four, I took ballet for a year and I could hear the tap class down the hall. I begged and pleaded with my mom to let me take the class with the clicky shoes!

Nowadays, I wish I knew how to dance ANY kind of dance. I'm 36...I could still take a class? (oh, it's so scary!)