Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chilly Walk

Saturday morning dawned a deep blue bowl of cloudless sky with a chilly breeze. My kind of weather for a hike. After a short visit to the Stockton Farmers' Market, hubby and I walked a former railroad repurposed into a wide grassy path, for about an hour enjoying the fresh air coursing through our lungs and the feel of the sun warming our backs. We weren’t alone in our early morning ramble as fellow hikers and several bikers also had the same idea.

Before a fast-moving cloud cover arrived turning the morning into an overcast day, I was able to catch a few decent photos of things I saw on our walk.

Reflections are a favorite subject.
Is this an acceptable mode of anchoring a boat?
 A large sycamore covered with bittersweet vines against a blue sky.
How colorful is this?

Only a few decaying phone poles are all that's left of the former rail line.

Sticks and stones . . . and water too!

FYI -- there are 25 more days left til Christmas.



Birdie said...

Aww Chris, your pictures get better and better each time I stop by :-) thank you for sharing the beauty!

Lyn said...

Looking at these spectacular shots of winter has me chilled to the bone. Wonderful! You captured it perfectly. Thanks for the reminder (days til Christmas) YIKES!

SE'LAH... said...

I love when you take us along on your nature walks...some of my favourites...the boat rocks! one love.

Jaime said...

I am loving these beautiful reflections you are finding!