Thursday, November 18, 2010

Waiting for the Muses

I'm sitting here trying to write two different posts and it isn't going well. I have two good ideas but the words aren't spilling across my screen like they usually do when I sit to write a post. Being away from blogging has not been good for me or my blog. No, I do not have "Writers' Block". I'm so sick and tired of writers yapping on and on and on about WB!!! All it means is you need a break and you need to think/do something else until the creative coffers realign and fill themselves back up. So what's my problem? Good question.

I have photos and very little text for one post while the other I have text but no photo, which shouldn't be a problem as I have the prop, or should I say many, many props, I just can't pull a photo together.

I think I'll go off now and do something else and let my little brain cogitate until this afternoon and then return to hopefully spill forth onto my screen something that passes for a better than half decent post. Onward and upward!!

It's still quite dark here and I should run outside and check out the meteor showers before it gets too light. Although from my window it looks overcast so don't know how much of the showers I'll get to see. It also never fails that whenever the news reports upcoming meteor showers it seems like Mother Nature gets herself into a snit and prevents the showers from being seen.

More later . . . I promise.


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Anyes said...

I hope you gets to see the Meteor showers. Bringing Muse back, might take a bit of coaxing, good luck with it ;-)