Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Out of focus

On an early morning about two weeks ago, after a hard frost the night before, I looked out my kitchen window to our back field and saw the sun glinting off high weeds and near naked blackberry canes. It was a golden sunlight, my favorite kind of light, and I couldn't resist grabbing my camera and hustling myself out into the cold, dense air to see what kind of bling Mother Nature left in her wake.

She never disappoints me and in my haste to get the shots I neglected to grab my tripod. And I call myself a photographer? Like Michaelangelo said, "ancara imparo," "I am still learning." 



Anonymous said...

This photo is beautiful!

Se'lah said...

so wonderful, your shots lately.

one love.

Lynn said...

My shots have been out of focus for months. Today I realized I hadn't set the focus points properly. Whoops. Yeah, having one point of focus and then having to move the camera around the reframe the shot and having a shallow depth of field is a recipe for disaster. And getting the tripod out is such a pain. I wouldn't have thought about this shot being off--I think it's gorgeous.