Friday, December 10, 2010

Why bother?

Earlier this week, while watching NCIS . . . oh, for all the NCIS fans -- Agent Gibbs can arrest me any time!!! Sorry about that momentary diversion, I’m back now and in full control of my mental capacities! I’ll move on now to my post.

At some point during the NCIS hour, Hallmark had a commercial about their Christmas cards. It’s a lovely scene with Mom sitting in front of a laptop, Dad stands behind her and their three children fill in around both of them. Their living room is decorated for the holidays.

Mom is trying to choose a photo for their Hallmark Christmas photo cards this year. Each of the children, and Dad, voice an opinion on which one to use. While I have no trouble with photo holiday cards, even receive a few myself, I had a major problem with the rest of the commercial.

After Mom chooses three photos, each a different one of her children doing something they love to do, Hallmark will not only create the perfect holiday card but they will also address and mail them for you!!!!!

I hit a road block at that point and my blood pressure hit an all time high. I must have been on vacation or asleep when the email came about how buying, personally signing, addressing and mailing Christmas cards is now one more task to be dispensed with through the use of technology. I didn’t realize sending Christmas cards was so exhausting! With all the decorating, gift buying and baking to do I guess if we can palm another holiday task off somewhere else then we’ll feel like we’ve done the holiday right?

There is nothing like receiving a card, any card, personally signed and mailed by the sender. It’s personal and makes the receiver feel special. I suppose some of you will say, “isn’t it the thought that counts?”

Yes . . . and . . . no. It's one of those things that falls under the heading of "tradition".

Yes, I know we all have busy lives but Christmas comes once a year and isn’t it all about being together, enjoying each other’s company, spreading love and good cheer and doing things that are part of a tradition?

Over the years the tradition of sending Christmas cards the traditional way has dropped to an all time low. It’s sad that yet another holiday tradition is on life-support. I want to think, and hope, I am not the only one who feels like this. Why must everything be done in the blink of an eye? We need to slow down and enjoy ourselves and our lives.

Call me a dinosaur if you will. I wear this label proudly. Disagree with me if you want. I promise to respect your opinion but tradition is important and until my hand becomes arthritic, I will continue to personally sign, address and mail my own Christmas cards knowing someone will smile because I took the traditional (dinosaur) route.

In any event, I hope everyone's holiday preparations, traditional or otherwise, are going smoothly and that you won't be too stressed when the big day arrives.



Birdie said...

oh no and I ordered one card just like that for you ... JUST JOKING!!

I so agree with you Chris, there is nothing such as receiving a hand written card ... I bought them this year as there was no time to make my own but I sat down to write them and I did put in all the love and good thoughts for the one who is going to receive it. Happy advent time to you and yours! lots of love!

Darcel @ The Mahogany Way said...

I've seen that commercial. Seems technology is replacing us, huh? I like to do handwritten notes.

me loves some Agent Gibbs.

Anonymous said...

First, I'm a Gibbs fan too. :)

Now on to the Christmas cards. I totally agree with you. I do love and appreciate the time and effort it takes for someone to go out and purchase cards, hand address, sign and mail cards to me. They mean a lot to me. I keep them for years and years. To me, they are a gift from and to friends and family I may not be able to see during the season.

But I must admit that I'd much rather have a snail mailed card of any type, even one that is completely made by a company that the "sender" has designed, that is printed by the company and even mailed by the company than to get an e-card! You want to talk about lazy? Why bother at all? Nothing says I forgot all about you until the last second like an e-card! I detest e-cards!


Lynn said...

Ah, Gibbs. Yummy. Although most of my friends drool over Tony.

And I so loved your Christmas card. This year I had to make the decision not to send any out, simply for budgetary concerns. Hubby in California, two households, one income. Bleh. Perhaps I'll send something out in the Spring. Surprise everyone---or confuzle them.