Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Icy Abstract

This is the view from our back door window this morning. The reddish blob slightly to the left is our shed and the skinny dark blob, foreground right, is a maple tree where we have three bird feeders. The undulating, solid dark shapes in the back are the woods behind our house.

At the moment ice and rain, combined with freezing temps, encrust every surface. All the windows on the back of our house are covered with a wavy, nobby ice covering making it nigh on impossible to see outside. All you see are muted shapes. Not necessarily a bad way to look at the world every now and then. Gives us a different perspective.

Even the recent snow has a high gloss patina that has softened the hard edges to a soft peak stage. If the sun decides to make an appearance later on, we’ll need something stronger than sunglasses, maybe welding goggles to protect our eyes from all that glitters . . . is ice encrusted.

Thankfully I have nowhere to be today. I'll be working around the house and getting outside with my camera to take some more photos of this beautiful, if not somewhat eerie, landscape that is my backyard.



A Box of Chocolates said...

the contrast in our weather is incredible yesterday here we had high 100's you have snow and ice that sounds enticing right now

Anonymous said...

This photo is beautiful! It's really cold here today. Very windy and we had some rain, but no ice. I get even more cold looking at your photo though. Hope it's a bit warmer there by now.