Friday, January 21, 2011

Lost in the Snow?

As I sit here writing this post it's snowing . . . again!!! Not that I mind the snow or even the cold, I love both but we've been under a blanket of snow since the day after Christmas. Even I want to see some patches of green and not have to worry about having my feet go out from under me and find myself on my butt.

In any event, levity should be the order of the day especially since later on I'll be bonding with my ergonomic shovel pitching the white stuff onto a pile next to the deck that's growing taller and taller with every snowfall. Without breaking a sweat I could probably fashion what would otherwise look like a melting snowman out of that pile.

So . . . whatdya think happened to this guy? Why a guy? Well it is a man’s glove so I’m assuming here.

I was on my way to the library when I passed this glove perched on a piece of white PVC tubing by the edge of the road and my mind started wandering as to what might've happened. At the time I didn’t stop but promised myself that if there was enough light on my way back I’d stop and get a few shots. On the way back it was getting dark so I returned the next afternoon when the light was better.

Could he be waving? Is he beckoning us to come a little closer? Did he fall in the ditch and can't get up? Is this a leftover Halloween gag gone wrong or an early 2011 Halloween gag in the making? Or is he at a winter auction desperate to make that final bid on a two-story igloo?

No more speculation. I frequent that road often so I will keep an eye on the glove on the pipe to see if anything further develops.

In the meantime, what tickles your funny bone?



Christina said...

if i hadn't found my glove... well, you know the rest. ; )

Lisa said...

Ha! I think he wants you to pull him up! ; )