Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flood Aftermath

It rained non-stop Thursday with flood warnings in effect. Above is where I stood, early this morning, when these flood photos were taken. To the left is the Delaware River; to the right the canal.

 From the foreground to the row of trees should not be under water!

Not much more before the water rolls over the towpath.

Concrete pylons under the Stockton Bridge are more than half submerged.

The Delaware in all its fury.
Then I saw this and

knew Spring was finally on its way.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend and having fun.



Elisabeth said...

There are storms and floods and then there is the beauty of spring, such a time of transition.

se'lah said...

with spring, comes showers. and with all the left over snow on the ground, makes for an interesting spring.

great pix.