Friday, March 18, 2011

Meet Miss Saturn

Several weeks ago my husband and I saw Los Straitjackets at the Sellersville Theater. Knowing my taste in music is often far different from his, he was a little apprehensive about taking me thinking I might be bored or just outright hate their music.

Au contraire.

While hubby has a few of their CDs, and I’m sure has asked me to listen to their music, I guess I wasn't paying attention because when the curtain opened and they began to play I was mesmerized! What incredible musicians!

But this post isn’t about Los Straitjackets. Sorry.

It’s about Miss Saturn who was on the same bill.

Also known as Jennifer McGowan, Miss Saturn is, “a physical comedian, character actor and hula hoop artiste who has been performing for over 15 years and has become a mainstay in New York City’s top vaudeville and cabaret scene.” (from her website)

Did I mention she’s known to hoola hoop as many as 75 hoola hoops at one time?

I’m trying to remember my own hoola hoop days and it seems I may have been passable with a hoola hoop . . . one hoola hoop that is. A far cry from 75 indeed!!

Gosh, I wish I’d known you could do this for a living as I could’ve been ahead of my time and probably still employed.

All kidding aside, Miss Saturn is an amazing and talented artiste. If you have the opportunity to see her act, please take advantage because she is very entertaining. I also hope she'll make another appearance at the Sellersville Theater in the future. 


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