Friday, March 4, 2011

Tomorrow's Another Day

I believe we have the power and the ability to determine how our day will go even before we get out of bed. It’s called attitude. I’m not saying it’s easy but if you say, or even think, you’re going to have a bad day then you probably will. Well, yesterday morning I got out of bed before giving myself time to decide how my day was going to go. I just got up and went and that’s where it all fell apart.

While I don’t wish to sound whiny or rationalize why I had a bad day, part of it was burning the candle at both ends and not being able to find a job doesn’t help either.

I went food shopping early and things sort of went well. If I go early enough the store is relatively empty and I fly through. Yesterday was such a day. It’s when I got through the check out things went downhill.

My groceries were packed in the cart except for a large round of French bread packaged in, unbeknownst to me, a thin, flimsy bag. When I grabbed it, it exploded out of the bag and shot across the counter. Had I been in a better frame of mind I would’ve laughed as it was rather comical but I wasn’t. The cashier asked if I wanted to get another one and mentally realized I’d have to walk to the farthest back corner of the store to get another one. I told her, “no, thanks,” while thinking about the “30 second” rule and stuffed the busted out bag and the bread into the store’s ubiquitous plastic bag. As I turned my cart towards the front door I said to the cashier and the woman behind me whom I’d been talking to, “I think I’m going to go home and climb under a rock until tomorrow.” The woman behind me said, “or go to bed and just stay there.” I liked her idea better and out the door I went.

I’m on my way home and come to a red traffic light. As I’m waiting I glance in my rear-view mirror and the idiot behind the wheel of a mid-size black BMW is TEXTING!!!! The light turns green and he’s still TEXTING!!!! I cross the intersection and immediately pull off to the right to let this idiot pass me as I want him in front of me. He passes and takes off like a shot.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the day but by 2:00 I decided I needed a nap just like any three-year-old who’s cranky and Mom knows it’s because he needs a nap. I slept for about three hours and woke in a much better frame of mind.

When I have days like this I try not to beat myself up. We all have off days. Some of us have off weeks, months or years and sadly I have no advice for them. But by the end of the day yesterday I’d reviewed what had happened and let it go. That's all we can do because we don't have control over things that happen to us only our attitude towards them. But I’m happy to say today is indeed a much better day; so don’t beat yourself up if you’re having an off day because . . .

Tomorrow’s Another Day.


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the light captured in this shot is simply amazing. wow!