Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Floral Equalizer

Sorry I haven't posted lately. My right elbow is in a lot of pain. No doubt to overdoing it on my computer. Probably shouldn't be using it. Anyway, I've been limiting my computer time because of it. So here are a few shots I took recently.

Skewed DNA

Probably a destructive beetle of some sort.
Love his jacket though!

Bejewelled Pansy



Anonymous said...

Wow, these are gorgeous Chris! I love the floral equalizer...wall? I want to thank you for the lovely cards you sent...thank you, thank you!! So kind of you.

I'm sorry to hear that your elbow has been bothering you...and limiting your time on the computer??? Ouch! Now that would really hurt! Good thing the weather is nice and there's lots to enjoy outside (and photograph). Hope your elbow heals quickly.

Birdie said...

Chris! I'm so very sorry to hear about your elbow pain! Try some tiger balm on that ... I love those pictures, oh my gosh!!! The second and the third, my favorites, just so very beautiful!!! sending healing vibes and lots of love your way!!!

martie said...

Just found you by way of Kate I's blog (Inspired). Love your photo work! I haven't heard of the grateful book you mention so I'm going to check it out. See you on my next "visit:!

Wanda said...

That pansy is amazing! Thanks for sharing!