Friday, May 20, 2011

Web Bling

It has been raining here for almost an entire week and while there was a string, lasting more than a week, of great weather prior to this soggy onslaught, I'm not complaining. Since the rain has been deluge-like, it's been tough for me to get out with my camera for any length of time. However, last Saturday my husband alerted me to the fact there were spider webs glistening with dew within a short walk from our back door. I excavated my dusty tripod, grabbed my camera and hustled out. Trying to use a tripod in a field full of various types of weeds in different stages of growth while beating off a horde of insects is not fun. Arrgghhh!! 

Everywhere spiderwebs dripped with tiny orbs of dew and for a few nanoseconds, the sun appeared turning all those orbs into golden globes of sunlight. Unfortunately, the bugs were vicious (where's a bat when you need one!) and I lingered only long enough to capture these two spiders lounging in the early morning waiting for some unsuspecting insectoid to stumble into their lair and have breakfast. Ah, if only breakfast were that simple in our house!!

Wishing you all a fun-filled, if soggy, weekend.


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Lisa said...

These pictures are fantastic! And I love the post title too. : )