Monday, June 6, 2011

Marigolds and Spider Webs

The other day, while planting some flowers on our deck, I accidentally decapitated two dwarf marigolds. 

I scooped them up and put them in a small, clear dish of water; their heads floating gently. Within a few minutes the early morning sun came barreling through the kitchen window slanting its rays through the ripple-sided dish spotlighting the marigolds and splashing abstract-like designs on the counter. 

I’m not particularly fond of marigolds mainly because they’re stinky, but every year they seem to “grow” on me (pun not intended). Deer don't like the smell either, which is another reason I plant them.

Because of the light that shines through this window, no matter the time of year, a lot of photo shoots take place here; often serendipitously.

Lately, I've been hung up on spider webs.There are probably more than a thousand species of spiders around the world all with their own unique web and the way they’re spun. Many of the webs I see, I'm never able to spot their web-owner. I'm sure though he's lurking somewhere off-web waiting for the web to vibrate with a fresh victim.

These two webs I saw this morning even before the sun crested the trees. The first made me think of an overachieving spider. I mean there isn’t anything he probably couldn't catch in this web!! Maybe even a small rodent if he’s lucky and carnivorous.

However, the second web, is another kettle of fish if you don’t mind me mixing metaphors or is it a simile? Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spider web like this! What could a spider possibly catch with this web? I mean really.

Being a nature lover, I question things like this. How could this spider possibly catch anything? It looks like a badminton net that's seen better days not to mention there’s no rhyme or reason to the design. My only hope is the spider knows what he’s doing because surely he’s going to be hungry.

I’ll be back writing somewhat more serious, if not interesting, posts as soon as my “mouse elbow” (think “tennis elbow”) clears up. In fact, I shouldn’t even be posting now.



Birdie said...

Chris! and I'm so happy that despite that your pain continues (which I'm very sorry to hear about!!) you did post these pictures! Omg, how do you do it girl? They are just so wonderful. Sigh. The second!!! and the cob webs! A.m.a.z.i.n.g. Maybe the web was there for some time already and the spider did move away ... :-) I bet I'll be thinking about it too now ;-) lol. Sending much love!!! ps: may you heal soon!!

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your mouse elbow. Very painful. Hopefully it's getting better. My mom just had to get some marigolds to plant in her space in the community garden. I guess the deer and many other animals are running wild. I only just learned that they are great for keeping the pests away. Yours floating in the water is pretty too!