Thursday, July 14, 2011

An "A" for Effort

My good friend Susan noticed this on a telephone pole while we were walking around a nearby town. I’ve left out his email address as I’m sure he wouldn’t want his Inbox bombarded by emails from women all over the country. Or maybe he would.

This guy not only has guts but his honesty is refreshing. I’m also impressed with the detailed list of likes/dislikes. At the bottom of the sheet of paper were several small slips of paper that could be ripped off with his email address on it. I won't tell how many were taken.

Many would probably view this as a guy who's desperate. Maybe he is but I prefer to believe he's being creative in his search for his Yin. But then again, life being what it is this could be an ingenious hoax or a cool guy really on the up and up. I'm hoping for the latter and, more importantly, that someone drops him an email.



Lynn said...

The cool thing about this is that he sounds intelligent and can actually WRITE a complete sentence with correct spelling. Hey, in a day when other than computer dating the opportunities to meet people is rather limited to work or bars, his idea isn't any more far out than the internet or speed dating,that's for sure.

Jaime said...

my interests include obese!

It's definitely intriguing. Makes you wonder what he's all about. I admire his bravery and his openness. Don't you wish you could have been around as he was stapling it to the telephone pole?

I hope he has a happily ever after.