Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just Picked

Recently, I discovered my brother-in-law, who happens to live next door, has a plum tree bursting with beautiful, deep amethyst plums. After calling and asking permission to come over and pick some, I hoofed it over with a small pot.

He came out as I was petting Micah, his long-legged chocolate Lab and Austie, an aging Springer Spaniel with soulful eyes. We walked down to the tree where he poked his head into a tiny shed not far from the plum tree and pulled out an apple picking device. Looked like something you'd use to change high-over-your-head light bulbs. He showed me how to use it and handed it over. It didn’t take me long to fill the small pot and I probably have enough plums to make two tarts.

Oh my, this will mean a trip to Giant to pick up another box of refrigerator crust. Then I’ll have another lone crust left. Oh well, I’ll think of something for that crust I’m sure.

Anyway, as soon as the plums ripen in a few days; maybe I’ll speed the process up a bit by putting them in a brown paper bag and folding the top down, I’ll be making Sunny Anderson’s Open-Faced Plum Tart. I found the recipe in the July/August issue of the Food Network Magazine.

Speaking of which, this is the second time I’ve picked up the magazine and I’m very impressed with the recipes and the articles. It is definitely one of the better cooking magazines out there. This issue has an article about my favorite chef, Guy Fieri, host of that delicious, off beat and wild foodie show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

I was in the mood to bake today so I whipped up two loaves of lemon bread. Now if only the plums would speed ripen so I can make my first fruit tart I'll be happy. If the tart turns out well I'll be posting about it, complete with photos, in the next couple of days.



Anonymous said...

My mouth is literally watering! It all sounds so very good. Wish I was there. ;)


Anyes said...

Those plum look like they will be the perfect addition to your fruit tart. Looking forward to your photographs Chris :-)

Pearl Maple said...

Yum Chris, there is nothing sweeter than fresh picked goodness of the season.

Lynn said...

I happen to know something that you can do with that extra crust...hehe! ;o)

Jaime said...

Did you happen to notice that tiny heart in your photo? In all those lumps of flour, at the bottom left is a little sideways floating flour heart. So sweet. :)