Monday, September 19, 2011

Early Signs of Fall

Last Friday I took an early morning walk at the park. While I don't go every day, I was the first to roll into the parking lot but was soon joined by other early morning walkers.

By the time I got around to the small pond at the far end of the park, intersected by an arched bridge, the sun was beginning to crest treetops and illuminate the mist gently rolling off the pond’s surface. Trees and bushes showed early signs of Fall’s imminent arrival and I took advantage to snap a few photos of my favorite time of the year.

On another early morning walk earlier in the week, even the spiders were getting ready to wrap up another summer.

Wishing you all a Happy Fall.



Christina said...

these photos are glorious! and that spider web... love.

elizabeth said...

Oh! Fall is definitely there! Just gorgeous - and I keep looking at the spider web. It is so fun to see photos of them, they almost seem even more amazing in photo than in person.

There is a hint of fall here, in some places more than others. I was just thinking today that I should check out the maples at the arboretum this week and see how they're progressing.

Anonymous said...

Love these photos, Chris! They are wonderful!


Being Julia said...

I love how you captured the spider webs! One of my favorites to photograph!