Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Llamas, Llamas

Our neighbor has two llamas. Several weeks ago I saw the neighbor’s wife out walking her dogs. One a mild-mannered little dog and the other a high strung standard poodle who goes nuts every time I drive by. I’m not sure it’s me. I’m more inclined to think it’s any vehicle that drives by.

Anyway, I asked if I could take some photos of her two llamas. She said yes and told me the llamas would be leaving this month as their house is on the market. No not the llamas' house, her house.

Since yesterday was another perfect weather day, thank you Mother Nature, I pulled into their driveway and headed down to the barn. I parked a short distance up from the edge of the split rail fence and pulled my camera from the back of my car.

At first, I kept my distance as did they. I knew they spit and didn’t want to be llama christened.

Unfortunately, when I asked the neighbor about taking photos, I neglected to ask their names and their sex but I assumed they’d be mother and child, two females or two siblings. One was smaller than the other and more timid. And while I tried to take pictures of both it was the larger one that had me laughing.

I hate paparazzi.

Who IS this and what does she want?

I'm watchin' you!

What are you looking at?

It's been a rough day and I have a headache.

Talk about a cooperative subject!!!! Every time I raised my camera to take a picture this llama would pose. After a few shots they both decided to check me out but only the larger one was bold enough to get in my face. The smaller one stayed inside the doorway.

Maybe if we ignore her she'll go away.

How do my ears look?

I have no idea why I'm in a line-up, I didn't do it!!

I managed to escape spit free. But I’ll be sad to see them go as they’ve been in the neighborhood for more than a few years. Llamas are something you don’t often see on the agricultural back roads of Pennsylvania.



Anonymous said...

They're pretty cute! Glad you got to visit with them before they left.

We has some down the road from us for a while, but they didn't really invite investigation in any way. Locked gate at the front of the property, couldn't even see the house. Never saw the people out and about. At one time, they had ostriches and emus too. I wrote them off as the exotic fancier.


Birdie said...

Chris, thank you for the laugh and smiles. You so warm my heart!!! Much love!!

Lisa said...

Ha! These are great! ; )