Monday, February 13, 2012



Don't ask why but for some reason I'm attracted to peeling paint, rust and trains. Why trains? It wasn't until I headed off to graduate school I took my first train ride. I remember like it was yesterday because I was heading into Philadelphia and another first happened on that ride. It was my first experience with wide scale grafitti, abandoned homes, burned out buildings and more trash then I'd ever seen at one time. Growing up, I lived in a rural area where none of these things existed. But, like abandoned homes in the same state of decay as trains, I often wonder who lived in the house or rode the train. In many cases it's an often shocking, visual realization of the end of a slower, gentler way of life.

In past visits, the train yard had a lot of old trains, many of them, sadly, rusting and rotting away on the tracks. Literally. There's no money to save all of them and many of them were gone notably one, a business car, we'd gotten permission to photograph years ago.



Blow Out



Snow Plow




Anonymous said...

you make beautiful pictures out of everything ... i don't really like rust but your pictures make it interesting & even lovely somehow - you are an amazing photographer Chris!! love & hugs!

Anonymous said...

yes, you do have a special gift with your camera :-) ... just wanted to add ;-)

Valerie said...

Beautiful! I love rusty things also... and trains. :)

Lynn said...

These are so gorgeous, Chris! Beautiful like and patterns. I want to go there, now!

Pearl Maple said...

cool collection of images, great for creative inspiration