Monday, April 23, 2012

Bluegrass at its Best

The Virginia Napurano Cultural Arts Center, located in Sergeantsville, New Jersey, was alive with Bluegrass music Saturday night! Before the program, IDC Catering in Lambertville provided music-goers with a great buffet dinner. They also cater WDVR's Heartlands Hayride every fourth Saturday of the month.

First up, was Hilltown, new to the Bluegrass scene but certaintly not new to Bluegrass. They had a great mix of traditional and comtemporary Bluegrass picking intertwined with competent leads and tight harmony vocals.

After a brief intermission, Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa performed. A different, slightly more laid back, but no less enjoyable Bluegrass style, Taylor was the band leader for the Navy's Bluegrass Band Country Current for 18 years.

While not a big Bluegrass fan, both bands were excellent!

On another note, please support WDVR's Spring Fund Drive, which ends Monday, May 7th. For more information and a schedule of upcoming concerts, please visit WDVR.



Chris O said...

I hate bluegrass!

SE'LAH... said...

i've only been to one blue grass show...interesting. there was a 17 year old who played the banjo and he was phenomenal.

sending you lots of love.

SE'LAH... said...

stopping by to say "hi". so, HI ;)