Monday, April 9, 2012

Wonderful Weather

This Easter weekend could not have been better, weather wise, here in my corner of the world. Since last Thursday, it's been cloudless deep blue skies, clear, cool and breezy. If the weather would stay this way until Fall arrives I'd love summer for sure. But that's another story.

Spring is busting out all over and yesterday I pulled out my macro lens and headed out to our back yard. Our lawn is nothing more than a controlled field and for the next couple of weeks  platoons of dandelions  will be bivouacking. No matter. Mother Nature is not necessarily perfect so why should our lawn be.

Dandelions get a bum rap. On the plus side, I've heard they make wine and jam. Personally, I've never tried either and have no desire to but hey, dandelions have a place even if it's as a lowly weed. However, they were in their glory yesterday as I crawled around the yard on a dollar store plastic tablecloth and a gardening wedge so I could steady my camera.

I also spotted some tiny wild violets popping up. They aren't as in your face as dandelions are but they're cute and I like them.

Then it was off to my neighbor's  to photograph what was once a beautiful magnolia tree. Unfortunately, due to some past storm damage, it is in bad shape but nonetheless every spring it continues to make an effort and this year the blooms are gorgeous against the deep blue sky.  While I don't normally use a tripod, yesterday it was necessary because of the wind and a huge evergreen tree that has practically engulfed the magnolia.

After a few minor skirmishes, I finally got the shots I wanted. Chris 3, evergreen, zip.

Wishing you all a great week.


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