Thursday, July 19, 2012

A brief respite

thunderstorms herald off in the distance
moving closer
threatening to break
the intense heat that has us in its grip
we need rain, lots of rain
everything and everyone is parched
wind whips the trees into a frenzy
storm moving closer
bringing rain in its wake
a brief respite



Lyn said...

Hauntingly simple and beautiful -- you're right -- we need rain desperately and you captured the anticipation of relief quite nicely.

Tracey said...

Simply lovey and point on. Here in Ohio, we've had 2 heavy downpours in as many days only to have it quickly dry & the humidity returns to choke us! It may be raining on one side of town, yet the other is dry as the day is long. My garden completely died out :-(. Prayerfully relief for everyone soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh...we need rain too. It hasn't rained enough to matter since I've been home from OK. People are getting grumpy. I passed someone the other day and he flipped me off! I'm sure it was the heat.

Sharon in TX
PS I can post comments now on your blog!!!