Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Sense of Belongings

In a recent issue of Parade magazine was this short piece entitled, "A Sense of Belongings." It went on to ask the question, "If your house were on fire, what would you take with you? Photographer Foster Huntington's fascinating new book, The Burning House, offers a window into what everyday people consider their most priceless possessions."

Click on Huntington's link above and you'll see some of the photos in his book. What a clever idea for a thought-provoking book as in, "Hmmmm, what would I take?"



Lynn said...

Um...hmn. My passport and green card! Otherwise I'm hooped. And my external hard drive. I need an intervention!

Lisa Johnson said...

I wouldn't be able to get them all, but I'd first grab my keys and phone, then I'd want old letters and pictures. Oh and my recipes! It would be a very sad thing, because there's no way to survive and try to save all those things. Oh, just looked at the comment above. My passport would be a good idea too.

Tracey said...

I sat & stared @ the screen for so long after reading this, that I decided I would probably croak! Lol. My mind whizzed while I did some MAJOR letting go. I'd want to make sure my 2 labs got out w/us & beyond that, I get overwhelmed. I think I have too much crap. However, some years ago, we had a horrible kitchen fire; just getting my son out of bed, throwing an afghan around him & pushing him out onto the porch & sticking my feet in some flip-flops was all I could focus on at that moment - the smoke was SO thick. Good thought to think about organizing. :-)