Friday, August 17, 2012

Andrea Carlson & Bruce Malcolm at DeAnna's

DeAnna's Restaurant was our destination last night to hear the dulcet tones of guitarist/singer/songwriter Andrea Carlson and her incredible bass player, Bruce Malcolm. If you've not heard Andrea Carlson you should get to know her because she's an up and coming musician with her own unique style.

One of the highlights of the evening was "Mysterious Moon," a song Carlson not only wrote but is from her CD, Drivin' Myself Wild For You. It is also the same song for her recent music video, filmed in NYC's Washington Park in the Village, and edited by Mark Milano.

It was her first time playing at DeAnna's and what a great venue for her music.

DeAnna's is a cozy, intimate restaurant tucked away on a side street that serves the best Italian food I've ever tasted. From her website comes the following:

DeAnna's Restaurant set up home in this riverside city of Lambertville, New Jersey in 1990 on a simple premise; bring fresh, homemade Italian food to the people. Chef DeAnna hoped people would appreciate her passion for cooking and come to dine and come they have. Twenty years ago, DeAnna's began as a cozy 30 seat restaurant then grew to include a bar and expanded seating at our larger current location, with all the original ambience intact. DeAnna's food is straightforward, well thought out, authentic Italian food. DeAnna considers herself a traditionalist but brings an original style and passion to her menu.

All in all, a great evening with fabulous food and beautiful music. Who could ask for anything more?


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Lynn said...

You always find such interesting things to do and see! And what's with your bloggy profusion lately. You're making us all look bad! Stop that! (No--don't!)