Saturday, August 4, 2012

Decked Out In Dew

As a way to take my mind off the extreme heat and humidity, I grabbed my camera and tripod early this morning and headed to the fields where I found cobwebs of different shapes, sizes and configurations. What in heaven's name was I thinking? It didn't take long for the humidity, bugs and sweat to force a hasty retreat indoors. But before I cried "uncle" I was determined to take a few good pics of these ephemeral and beautiful architectural wonders.


It's too hot to post. After I click "publish" I'm parking myself in front of the fan and armchair travel with William Least Heat Moon's Blue Highways: A Journey Into America. That's about all one can do, especially me, in weather like this



Pearl Maple said...

beautiful images, the dew add such a delicate layer of decoration

SE'LAH... said...

was loving the it's raining the sound of raindrops though.

Tracey said...

NO FREAKIN WAY!!! I just posted pics of webs in dew, but NOTHING LIKE YOURS!! These are awesome and kudos to you for taking out the tripod. I am inspired. Lol.

Lynn said...

Love the last one the best. :) Has it cooled down a bit for you in the last couple of days? It has here, so maybe it's heading your way!