Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One Way

Last night, I drove to West Chester for a funeral. I'm not familiar with the area all that much but my daughter is and she kindly pulled together the directions to the funeral home and emailed me a link to a map of the area.

While I knew most of the way to the funeral home, I knew one way streets were involved and was unsure about the last part of the trip.

Following her directions, I make the next to the last turn and somehow miss the last turn before reaching the funeral home. I travel three more blocks and make a left. As I approach an intersection, a shiny black SUV, the size of an African elephant, stops in the middle of the intersection. The man behind the wheel kindly mouths, "The street you're on is one way."

Before I deliver the punchline and in my defense, before I made the turn I did not see any signs indicating it was a one-way street . . . to the right. But what really cracked me up was his response. Why? Because I wanted to politely reply to him, "I am going one way."

Just not the right way.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh!