Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simple Mornings

In the almost three years I've been blogging I don't think I've ever endorsed a product. It's not something I do but I hear there's always an exception to every rule.

Many of you know I love to cook and bake as evidenced by the recipes I've posted. If I had to guess, it's probably less than one percent where I bake/make something out of a box. Actually, it's more like never. But the other day, while food shopping, I picked up a new product by Duncan Hines called Simple Mornings PremiumMuffin Mix. The box is full of information that will definitely catch your eye. Things like: "contains whole grains," "no high fructose corn syrup," "no preservatives," "real ingredients," "nothing artificial."

That's great but I'm tough to sell on something new and being a diehard, and somewhat obsessed, ingredients and nutritional facts reader I turned the box over looking for said information. I was pleasantly surprised. While sugar is the second ingredient, the muffins are not too sweet.
At the moment Duncan Hines offers two varieties:  Triple Chocolate Chunk  made with real chocolate and Blueberry Streusel with real wild Maine blueberries. Other flavors will follow, I'm sure.
Duncan Hines includes a lot of other information useful to those who have serious health allergies. Both muffin varieties contain wheat. The chocolate also contains milk and soy.  A statement, in bold, alerts consumers about the product being manufactured on equipment that also processes tree nuts. Very important for those with nut allergies.
You're probably saying, "but what about the taste!?" Well, let me tell you! I've tried both varieties and both are very good but the Triple Chocolate Chunk is my all time favorite. Talk about moist, delicious, with the right amount of chocolate chunks -- they are truly to die for!!
If you need to watch your cholesterol like I do, there's also a "no cholesterol recipe" at the bottom of both boxes. Not into muffins? There's also a "Try This Easy Quick Bread Recipe" on the side of both boxes. Both are already on my baking horizon.
What sometimes happens with new products and I will be watching to see if Duncan Hines does this,  eventually the recipe is altered or in the case of the chocolate chunks, the amount is reduced within a short time.  I hope this doesn't happen because they have a very tasty product. As Murphy's Law states, "if it isn't broke, don't fix it."


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Tracey said...

These sound really good; having just the right amount of chocolate chunks is important. Now, when it cools off enough to turn on the oven again, I will try them. Mmmmm.