Wednesday, September 26, 2012

City Streets

I came across these city street photos from a few years ago and thought I'd post them. I'm not normally drawn to city streets or people shots but this shot and the next three are about the Phildelphia murals. While I'm unsure these are official Mural Arts Program murals, they are complex, detailed, colorful and above all beautiful.

Baseball is a big part of the culture in Philly. Looks like the Phillies vs. the Dodgers.

I wonder what Michelangelo would think of these murals.

I have no idea what caught my eye with this photo but I like it nonetheless. This is unusual for me because I go to great lengths to take photos without people in them as I don't take particularly good people photos. I also try to be sensitive to those who don't want their picture taken. Personally, I always prefer being behind the camera.

Oh, one last thing, all of these shots were taken through the window of a Greyhound bus.



Tracey said...

Murals are my favorite. VERY good shots for through a bus window. :-)

Lisa Johnson said...

I find myself drawn to murals as well. Beautiful capture!