Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Good Samaritan


It's snowing here and the ground is now covered, hence the photo. So snow aside, this post is about Donna.

Donna works at the local supermarket where I shop. It seems she's always there working either as a checker, a bagger or sometimes walking around the store lugging a tiny cart and a device that looks like a ray gun. She's friendly, helpful, always happy and smiling; everything you'd want in an employee. While I don't know her very well, on occasion, we've had a few good conversations in the aisles or at the check-out. But what you don't know is Donna's a Good Samaritan and I was soon to make this discovery for myself.

Normally, when I go food shopping I have extra cash on hand in case I go over budget. On a recent trip, of course I was almost to the store, I realized I only had $3 in my wallet. Even though I try to watch what I buy, I was concerned about not going over budget so I put several things back. Personally, it would be more mortifying to get to the check-out and discover I didn't have enough to cover what I bought.

This particular morning, Donna's working checkout and as unload my groceries I ask her for a subtotal to make sure I have enough. I watch as she scans each item and three items from the end of my order I tell her to stop. Without hesitating, she says, "Don't worry, I cover it," and scans the last three items. I'm over by $5. "How much do you have?", she asks. I tell her and without hesitating again, she reaches into her pocket (oh and by the way, there are three other people behind me waiting to check out!!!) and pulls out a few wrinkled dollars, looked like $8, and adds $5 to what I've already given her. I thank her profusely and she says, "You're always in here, I know I'll get it back."

Less than an hour later I return and give her $5. "You didn't have to make a special trip." "I know," I said, "but I thought what you had in your pocket might be for lunch and I didn't want you to go without lunch."

Within a span of three days I've been a humbled, thankful and grateful recipient of two acts of kindness and generosity from two women (see Humbled & Apologetic) I don't really know. I will never forget them, nor will I forget what they did, and as a way to thank them both I will make every effort to pay it forward whenever I can.

P.S. An update on yesterday's Humbled & Apologetic post, the newspaper printed my comment.



k said...

Chris, it sounds like the your holiday gifts have come early this year. I love "pay it forward" and it's so much fun to start looking for ways to do that!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story! I also love "paying it forward". Enjoy every moment of it.

Hugs, Sharon