Saturday, February 2, 2013

Misty Maples

These young maples edge an empty field. Often I drive by looking for good photo ops and on Thursday this week a fog thick enough to slice with a knife descended early in the morning. I love fog. I love how it obscures a landscape so you're forced to see only a small portion. Not much distracts your vision with fog this thick. I knew how these maples would look and on my way to run an errand I drove by and they were shrouded even more than I'd hoped. I didn't want this opportunity to slip through my fingers as I knew the sun would burn off the fog in short order. Sure enough, five minutes later the sun appeared.

Amazingly, they all made it through Hurricane Sandy.



Kate I said...

Absolutely stunning Chris! I love it so much.

Pearl Maple said...

A beautiful and quiet moment you have captured there, thanks for sharing