Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sweet Ending

Perched on the banks of the lazy, meandering Paunacussing, wedged in a narrow valley is the town of Carversville, Pennsylavnia. Nothing of major historical significance happened in this town that I'm aware of but nonetheless it is full of local history.

The heartbeat of this close-knit community is the Carversville General Store. It's a place where you are greeted with a smile and a how are you today from Janice, Penny or Loretta. Grab a fresh cup of coffee and relax on the stools at the wooden bar in front of the store's windows and talk to one of the regulars. If you're there at lunchtime, order one of their fabulous sandwiches. I highly recommend their chicken salad on a kaiser roll. A delicious, two-fisted sandwich for sure. You can also pick up your mail or buy stamps and share a few words with Bob, the postmaster.

Near the coffee dispensers sit three old-fashioned clear glass cookie jars with the words Dirt Road Cookies emblazoned on their sides. I am a sucker for great homemade cookies. In one jar is peanut butter, another molasses, which are Joanne's favorite, she works in the deli, and the last, mocha chocolate chip, my new all time favorites!!! Linda A. is the cookie baker and she bakes these delicious cookies in the kitchen of a local church. 

On another note, this is the last day of my post every day challenge. I admit I wasn't sure I would make it. Above my desk hangs a calendar and as I looked at the month ahead I readily thought, How am I going to post every day for a month?

The first week wasn't too bad. The second I had all the posts written for the week. The third I was beginning to worry I wouldn't have anything to post then remembered a folder entitled Possible Blog Posts, which I knew would have a few interesting things worthy of a post. However, the last week I found myself counting down the days and even though February seemed to fly by, I learned a few things about posting every day.

The most important was to be in the moment because that's all we ever have. I learned to observe and pay closer attention to people and things going on around me because I realized it made my life richer by far. It forced me to slow down and live life. It also had the added benefit of providing some good posts and photos along the way.

Come September, not that I'm wishing for Fall already, I will be blogging for four years. For most of the bloggers I follow I'm probably still a blogging rookie but I never thought I'd make it this far. Along the way I have met many wonderful fellow bloggers who are struggling with their own life issues and managing to enjoy the simpler, finer things in life.

To those of you who follow and/or drop by, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It means a lot to possibly think what I photograph or write about is enjoyed by those who wander by to visit.

Now, I think I'm going to take a few days off.



Kate I said...

Yay Chris! Kudo's to you, you did it! I've done the 30 days of gratitude challenge in November a few times and I feel exactly as you's difficult, annoying at times and a gigantic pain at others really was worthwhile and a wonderful exercise in noticing and appreciating all that I normally whiz on by each day. I enjoyed your posts and pictures!

Lisa Johnson said...

You earned the days off Chris! That cookie looks like it's just waiting for me to snatch it! Yum....

Jaime said...

I am a bit of a cookie monster... and that photo has provoked a craving. YUM!

Even though I take breaks, sometimes great big long breaks, it is a comfort to know that beautiful souls like you have stayed quietly by my side, poking in from time to time to say hi. Thank YOU ... for being there, for making me feel a little less alone when I need to take time alone... know what I mean?
I hope all is well, and March is treating you to a few pink blossoms and sunny days.