Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yummy Sandwiches

Years ago there was a TV program called Evening Magazine and one of their segments was The Phantom Diner. He appeared unannounced and unknown at restaurants, usually accompanied by a companion, and have dinner. I don't remember how often his segment appeared but he was thorough in all areas that would appeal to prospective diners. The only reason I mention this bit of trivia is because you might think I liken myself to the phantom diner. I do not. But I also don't tell restaurants I'm interested in that I blog about food as then they'd be on their best behavior. Nor do I want you to think I have all this time to drive around and try out new restaurants. Also, I do not.

The luscious Reuben above comes from The Kitchen Table located in Warrington, PA. They are affiliated, in some way, with It's Nutts in Titusville, NJ. I've eaten at both restaurants and the food is better than good. If those golden potato chips look yummy they are ~ they're homemade.

This stuffed-to-the-gills roast beef sandwich is from another great place called Top of the Deli in Revere, Pennsylvania. They are known for their sandwiches and hoagies and they come in regular and large. The one above, believe it or not is a regular.

On a beautiful, warm sunny day, I found myself in the neighborhood and decided to stop in and find out for myself. It's one of those places whenever I passed, for the last 38 years, I'd always say, I've got to go in there! It was my first visit and I was not disappointed. The women who take the orders and make the sandwiches are friendly and fast. They also make a great sandwich!! There are two small tables and a counter with stools that runs the length of the front of the deli.

When I find a restaurant, or eatery, and everything about the restaurant is top notch, or close to it, I want people to know about it not only for the benefit of the owner/chef but also so people will frequent and keep it in the community. There are many great benefits to eating locally and I've often found the food is far superior and often healthier than that served by chain restaurants.

It's almost lunchtime here and I'm getting hungry just looking at these sandwiches. Unfortunately, my sandwich won't look anything like either of these but at the same time, it makes me want to visit both these places sooner than later.

Wishing you a good weekend.


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