Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three for Thursday & a Goose at the Door

Same subject, different viewpoints.

This last photo has a story, which follows.

Yesterday, while waiting for the Newtown Bookshop to open I heard a Canada goose honking his lungs out around the corner. It was so loud I had to investigate. As I turned the corner there's a female Canada goose standing at, what I later found out was the bookstore's back door, tapping on it with her beak.

Is she waiting to be let inside? Does the owner feed her? Is it a bakery and she's in need of a sugar fix? Is it a fish store and she has a yen for sushi? Whatever it was HE was not happy she wasn't being attended to, which is what I think the honking was all about. (He's behind the post to the left. I couldn't get a good shot of them both at the door.)

I inched my way over to where they were trying to get a good shot of her at the door, when the woman in the bookshop came around the corner with her camera. By the time she'd arrived the female had given up but the male continued honking away. I think I heard her say under her beak, "Oh Fred, give it up!"

Who knows what lurks in the minds of water fowl.


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Anonymous said...

What fun! Nature is always full of surprises! Love this! Thanks for sharing it with us.