Thursday, April 11, 2013

Can't let this go!

I'm sorry but I can't let this go.

Yesterday on the Today Show, while waiting for my car to be inspected, there was a segment called How to Wear White Before Memorial Day.

Say what?

A young, well dressed, black man with the use of several mannequins instructed women on how to incorporate white into their wardrobes before Memorial Day.

Again, "say what?"

I thought that old fashion no-no was long gone! Who dragged it into the 21st Century? It never made sense to me. It still doesn't. But then I listen to the beat of a different fashion drummer and wear white all year long. I like white. It goes with everything. What's not to like? How dare someone tell me when I can and can't, or shouldn't, wear white!!

Are the fashion police going to issue a ticket or incarcerate me for this meaningless, ridiculous fashion edict? In all the years I've worn white,  no one has ever said to me, "Dearie, you can't wear white before Memorial day! What is wrong with you?"
It also reminds me of another ridiculous culinary no-no about not trying new recipes on guests you've invited for dinner. Yes, I know all the reasons why you shouldn't -- but if you're an accomplished cook or even if you're not but feel inspired to try something new, then I say go for it!   

Rules are meant to be broken especially these two!!! Wear white whenever and  spring a new recipe on your guests! Live on the edge!
Thanks for listening.



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