Thursday, August 15, 2013

A bit of this and that

Here are a few photos taken in the last few days or so. First up is a golden lab I know very well. Her name is Maple and she is full of personality, well loved and has way too many "blonde" moments. She often pushes her boundaries with the last bark and sometimes I wonder if she realizes she's a dog.

After hitting O Wow Cow, for some incredibly delicious home made artisanal ice cream recently, I headed off to a nearby park. There wasn't much happening other than two people walking their dogs and two parked trucks whiling away the afternoon. Off in the distance I spotted a great blue heron but was unable to get a clear shot so I settled for the nearby lily pads.

Whenever I go to the park I always forget to take bread along as there's always opportunistic ducks hovering around the lake's edge. Since I'm not up on duck nomenclature I have no idea if this is male or female. Looking for a handout, the four of them were hoping I'd oblige. They kept their distance but stayed long enough for me to take their pictures and then realizing no handout would be forthcoming, paddled down the lake. Note to self, bring bread on my next visit to the lake.

These are wild grapes and their blemishes aside, while they look plump and tasty they're very sour and the skins are tough. Yes, I have first-hand experience! They're clustered together and a spider has taken advantage of their shelter to weave his web. I wasn't about to harass the spider to find out what kind he was since I'm not a big fan of spiders!

On beautiful days I am one of those who still hangs their clothes outside on a clothesline. Any season just as long as it's good weather and doesn't look like rain. There's nothing like putting on a clean shirt or drying yourself off with a towel that's been line dried!!!

On my way out to the clothesline the other day, I spotted this feather in the grass sparkling with early morning dew. I hung the clothes, then went back to grab my camera and spent the next 20 minutes snapping pics of the feather. Sometimes it pays to get down at ground level, you never know what you'll find.

It's almost the end of the week and the summer is flying by like there's no tomorrow. Back to school sales are in our faces as well as Halloween candy now appearing in your local supermarket. No doubt next week, as I've posted before, Christmas decorations, candy and gift ideas can't be far behind!

Wishing you all a good week.


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