Monday, August 5, 2013

Waiting for the Rain

Rain is in our forecast some time today. It's very calm and humid but otherwise comfortable . . . if you're indoors. Outside is another world where humidity and insects assault you every time you move.

In the fields not far from where I live, Queen Anne's Lace and thistle are beginning to bloom and bud. Sadly, the only thing negative about them is the fact they are weeds. Beauty is in the beholder and both of these "weeds," when they're in bloom or on their way to bloom are beautiful.

I did some research on Queen Anne's Lace and found it was introduced from Europe, is known as wild carrot and the carrots we eat today were once cultivated from this plant. But how did it get it's name?

There are many stories as to how Queen Anne's Lace got its name. Probably the most popular one is when Queen Anne was making lace she pricked her finger and bled. The red flower in the center signifies the drop of blood from Queen Anne's finger. Another is the flower reminded the British of Queen Anne's lace headdress. Yet another says the red flower in the center represents the queen and the white flowers around it is the queen's lace collar. Barb Jensen, Yahoo Contributor Network

The Thistle is an ancient Celtic symbol of nobility, character as well as of birth. It is found in many Scottish symbols. The thistle, crowned with the Scottish crown, was the symbol of seven of the eight former Scottish Police Services (from which a new national Police Service was formed in 2013). The thistle is also the emblem of Encyclopedia Britannica, which originated in Edinburgh, Scotland. Last but not least, thistle is the favorite food of Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh.

Last year I planted a French variety marigold, which was short in stature and loaded with flowers along the front walk of our house. They were gorgeous. Until one day when I looked out the front door and noticed the deer had eaten every last blossom!!! So much for the urban legend that if you plant marigolds deer will stay out of your garden because they don't like the odor.

I've given up planting anything in our yard because the deer will invariably mow it down or eat it past the point where the plant just gives up and dies. If it isn't the deer then it's skunks, squirrels, raccoons, bunnies and fox. I just can't win. In my next life I want a secret garden. Heck, it doesn't have to be secret just a very high wall will do.

Yes, I know I'm a frustrated gardener who is quite envious (only in a good way) of those who have no wild animal issues and whose gardens are a sight for sore eyes.

It's August already and I can't believe how fast summer is moving. I was in the supermarket the other day in the canned food aisle, when I heard a disembodied voice say, "Happy Halloween." I looked up to see an employee stocking shelves with Halloween candy!!! ALREADY! Are you serious? Don't know why I'm so up in arms about this . . . Christmas items will be out next week I'm sure!!!!

Happy August.


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