Wednesday, June 15, 2011

O Wow Cow

The weather here in our little corner of the universe has been idyllic for the last three days. So the need for ice cream has not been as great as if the weather were in blast furnace mode. But the need for the BEST ice cream is always there.

And O Wow Cow has done it again.

Last night, as I stood perusing their new flavor selections, I zeroed in on “Grapefruit with chocolate covered lemon peel”. Before you wrinkle up your faces and say “ewwww,” I must admit I was hesitant at first . . . for about a nanosecond because I love grapefruit, chocolate and lemon peel. So combining all three into ice cream was not such a stretch for me.

A woman and her husband standing next to me were also pondering the very same flavor. I asked her if this was her “first time” and she said, “Oh no, I’ve been here numerous times!”

As soon as the first spoonful hit my taste buds, I turned to the woman and said, “This is amazing!” I didn’t have to sell her on the flavor as she ordered the same thing.

As you can see by the photo there are tons of chocolate covered lemon peel and those light amber colored bits are the grapefruit. I don’t know how they figure out the right combination in their flavors but every new flavor I’ve ever tried has hit the mark.

I have a feeling though this will not be a big seller and that’s a shame because it was one of the best dishes of ice cream I’ve ever had.

Within the next day or so I’m heading up there and getting myself a pint of it before it disappears forever.

CAUTION: O Wow Cow is addictive.



Birdie said...

Chris, thanks goodness they don't sell it here, I know I would be addicted ;-) ... it looks heavenly good, enjoy!! sending love your way!
ps: this is silly but at first I read 'with lemon pee' ... and I was like ' whaat' ... :-)

elizabeth said...

Ok. There is a new ice cream stand in NE Portland that apparently has flavors like "melon and proscuitto". Now you have motivated me to get over there. (Though I want to try your flavor first! Alas. I am far away.)

Anonymous said...

Now I really need some ice cream! It's a shame I can't get any O Wow Cow here.


SE'LAH... said...

you crack me up how you love to tempt us all with this obviously addictive icecream ;) yum!

my favourite remains rum island ting. ;)

Lisa said...

This citrus and chocolate is intriguing. I wouldn't have thought of it right away, but I can see where it could be really good.