Friday, March 2, 2012

Blackbirds Flocking

Feels like Spring. At our local Agway, where I stopped to buy a new bird-feeder, purple and white pansies were in full bloom in hanging pots and planters. A woman at the counter was buying seeds, flowerpots, planting medium and a new shovel. Spring is definitely on its way!

On my way home I saw several huge flocks of blackbirds flying and landing in empty fields where leftover corn stalks wait to be plowed under. Blackbirds always remind me of Alfred Hitchcock's, The Birds. The racket they make when they roost is deafening!

With the rain we've had the last few days the pastures of a nearby horse farm were extremely muddy. Two horses were having some sort of disagreement and the muddier one looks like he isn't about to back down.

While I waited patiently to see if things between the two were going to escalate into hooves flying and a lot of neighing, I caught the third horse standing nearby minding his own business. All three came over to check me out; no doubt because when they see humans food is not far behind or is usually in their pockets. Opportunists!!

It's been grey and rainy for most of the week and the weekend's forecast is soggy as well. Feels more like April instead of March.

Wishing you all a good weekend.



Relyn said...

It feels like spring here, too. YAY!!

Isa Lisboa said...

Beautifull pictures! I love horses!
Have a nice weekwend!

Lynn said...

Those horse photos are beautiful. They're hard to take photos of, what with their long noses, and these are perfect. Love their shaggy winter coats. :) Thanks. Now I'm homesick!