Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Now For Something Completely Different!!

I was juicing some lemons earlier and tossing the rinds into the sink. As I was cleaning up I looked at the pile of lemon halves and immediately got this crazy idea for the above photo. Definitely outside my normal scope of photography but it was inspired by Ron Tarver who gave a great presentation at the Churchville Photo Club about photographing flowers using a $5 piece of photo equipment.  He also shared a series of photographs he took using his scanner, a shadow box, and a series of everyday items like sea shells, rotting fruit, sand, olive oil, and eggs which is how the above photo came to be. Not with a scanner but with two things we see and/or use every day.



Lynn said...

HA! Cute. Love the yellow and white contrast. Only a true artist would see potential in lemons and a kitchen sink, Chris!

Relyn said...

It looks extremely cool. My first thought was of a modernist, odd sort of clock.

Lisa said...

I like it! Nice arrangement and I bet it smelled amazing! Happy weekend to you Chris! : )

elizabeth said...

I LOVE this! I cannot even express how much. I want to go find possibility in my kitchen sink too.